Soil seedbank diversity and variation in fires

This week Ella Plumanns Pouton presented her ongoing work on soil seedbanks at the Australasian Seed Science Conference.

Check out Ella’s speed talk on ‘Soil seedbank diversity under variation in fire regimes in a temperate heathland’ below.

And congratulations to Ella for winning the ECR prize for best three-minute presentation at the Conference!

One Response to “Soil seedbank diversity and variation in fires”

  1. […] Recently, we heard about an offer of free seedlings with provenance from the Gariwerd/Grampians area. With this lining up well with our future revegetation plans for Walker Swamp, we had to follow it up! We are chuffed with the result that the School of Ecosystems and Forest Sciences at the University of Melbourne will supply thousands of native seedlings for us to plant next year at Walker Swamp. But how did this come about? Well, it involves a PhD on fire and a student’s desire to see her ‘discards’ go to good use. Ella Plumanns Pouton, a PhD candidate at Melbourne University, is investigating the influence of fire regimes, climate, and other environmental drivers on plant diversity in native heathlands. Ella and her team have conducted vegetation surveys at around 200 sites in south-west Victoria, and collected soil seedbank and canopy seedbank samples from the Gariwerd area. Ella’s work will attempt to understand the influence of climate in combination with fire, and the influence of fire on seedbank diversity. To check out a short video on Ella’s work on the soil seedbank and fire regimes, click here. […]