Luke Kelly has been awarded the Woodward Medal in Science and Technology

Luke has just been awarded the 2022 Woodward Medal in Science and Technology for his research examining the impact of global fire patterns on the extinction risk of thousands of species.

A Woodward Medal is awarded annually by the University of Melbourne for research that made a significant contribution to knowledge in a field of science and technology, or humanities and social sciences.

Luke received the award for his suite of articles on fire and biodiversity, which revealed global fire patterns threaten 4,400 species with extinction and outlined new actions that could revolutionise how society sustains biodiversity in a time of changing fire activity.

Luke received the Woodward Medal at the Royal Exhibition Building in December 2022 – and was chuffed that the University held a special celebration for him and his family.

The official photos haven’t arrived yet so here is one of Luke’s biggest supporters enjoying some fancy food at the awards ceremony