Volunteer opportunities

We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers for our next field season (September-December 2019).

A range of opportunities are available to contribute to research on plants, small mammals and birds.

Check out the list of projects below and get in touch with each student directly for specific details and dates.

  • Plant surveys and measurement of ‘fire traits’ as part of a planned burning experiment in Murray Sunset National Park. Contact Isaac Kreger.
  • Bird surveys at ‘fire edges’ in northern Victoria and western New South Wales. Contact Eliza Thompson.
  • Live-trapping native small mammals such as yellow-footed antechinus and heath mouse in southwestern Victoria. Contact Lily Wheeler.
  • Movement studies and live-trapping of small mammals such as mallee ningaui and Bolam’s mouse in western New South Wales. Contact Julianna Santos.
Mitchell’s hopping mouse. One of the crowd favourites that we encounter in northern Victoria.