PhD opportunity and top-up scholarship

Luke is looking for a new PhD student to join the biodynamos.

The student will work on plant ecology and evolution as part of new, large-scale project on the resilience of fire-prone heathlands.

The project will be developed with the student based on their research interests and strengths. They’ll be co-supervised by Luke Kelly, Trent Penman and Matt Swan who envisage a project that includes mix of field studies (to collect plant demographic data) and modelling (of population dynamics, fire regimes and management strategies).

There’s also scope to link in with new work that Luke is starting on the evolution of fire-related traits using greenhouse studies and genomics.

A top-up scholarships of $24,500 ($7,000 per year over 3.5 years) is available – with students expected to secure an Australian Government Research Training Program scholarship or equivalent.

You can download the full details about the position and application process here. Applicants should email Luke by 30 September 2019 with 1) a one page cover letter describing their qualifications and skills, their interest in the position and a brief outline of their research goals, and 2) a CV including their academic record and contact details for two referees.

[The feature photo – Grass Trees (Xanthorrhoea australis) flowering nine months after fire – was taken by Elizabeth Donoghue and is available here under Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]