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  1. The big picture of the Amazon fires

    Julianna Santos has a new piece in University of Melbourne’s Pursuit. As the world’s biggest rainforest continues to burn, Julianna argues that it’s important to understand …


  2. PhD opportunity and top-up scholarship

    Luke is looking for a new PhD student to join the biodynamos. The student will work on plant ecology and evolution as part of new, large-scale …


  3. Volunteer opportunities

    We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers for our next field season (September-December 2019). A range of opportunities are available to contribute to research on plants, small mammals …


  4. Interactions between fire, rainfall and herbivory drive plant vital rates

    Kate Giljohann has a new paper on interactions between climate and disturbance regimes in Journal of Ecology Kate and colleagues used an 11‐year dataset from a …


  5. Integrating animal and plant paradigms to enhance fire ecology

    We’re excited to have a new article on animal and plant ecology in the journal Fire. We call for better integration of animal-based and plant-based approaches …


  6. Using fire to promote biodiversity

    Luke is excited to have a new article with Lluis Brotons in Science. Fire profoundly influences people, climate, and ecosystems. The impacts of this interaction are …


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